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Wednesday, 06 July 2022
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Our Advertising Program

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Our Show Case
Free Advertise Listings

JustScoopIt Free Advertising listings provides national advertisers with the unprecedented opportunity to promote the brands, products and services in local and global market place directly to the consumers who are actively looking for specific goods and services.

Increase your business presence - Be one of the first to be found by consumers as you are listed on top of normal listings. Stand out from your competition with prominent exposure of your logo and name. Let your customers gain quick and reliable access to information about your business.

Apply Online: Create Free Advertise Listings and start managing your account. Click to Begin

Sponsor Banner

All paid Sponsor Banner will guarantee and priority sequential rotating in JustScoopIt.com website.

  • Sponsor Banner price list:
    • 1 Month Banner Impressions - USD $28.88

Dimensions: Standard banner size 468 x 60 mm. Border=0.

Apply Online: Create Sponsor Banner and start managing your banner. Click to Begin  Our Show Case
*note: Create Sponsor Banner is login required

Sponsor Ads

Our Sponsor Ads aims to provide the most effective advertising strategy for your businesses. We are targeting the valuable visitor direct visit the relevant site about your products and services. The powerful marketing tool allow user to find your site in search result on the web quickly and easily.

With Sponsor Ads you create your own ads, choose keywords to help us match your ads to your audience and pay by monthly subscription with unlimited click or page view.

The Ads sequential rotating on the Sponsor Ads as textlink with title and description on JustScoopIt Search. Advertiser allow to choose up to 10 keywords. Our advertising package are Basic Sponsor Ads and Advanced Sponsor Ads.


* All paid Sponsor Ads will sequential rotating in JustScoopIt main page.

  • Advanced Sponsor Ads
    • Top Sponsor Ad
    • USD $29.88 per month
    • Maximum 10 Search Keywords

Apply Online: Create Sponsor Ads and start managing your account. Click to Begin  Our Show Case
*note: Create Sponsor Ads is login required

Sponsor Link

Give your ad top priority on the top rankings, and boost your response rate! Priority Ranking & Highlighting Option to consistently sequential rank at the top of the list. The Priority Ranking Highlighting in Bold and Blue Option.

  • Priority and Highlight Sponsor Link
    • One Month Top Sponsor Link - USD $88.88
Apply Online: Create Sponsor Link and start managing your banner. Click to Begin  Our Show Case
*note: Create Sponsor Link is login required

Contact Sales: sales@JustScoopIt.com

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